Spring has Sprung

It’s official…  there are elderflowers:


We’ve taken off the lower shoots on the willow, so there are some withies in the making:


…and the blueberry are flowering:


What with the cherry, damson, blueberry, elder, wild garlic, pear and most of the apple, not forgetting the japanese knotweed, you’d think the only colour Love Lane can do for flowers is white!

But then you catch a flash in the corner of your eye…  hidden amongst hazel and almost eaten by a monster brash-pile, there is this:


I wonder what colour the apples will be?  Here’s another happy customer:


Blossom and Bees

A few recent pictures from Love Lane…

DSC03026Cherry blossom putting on a fine display.

DSC03048Damsons, likewise.


…which keeps the Bees happy. 🙂

Cowslips and Catkins

ANNOUNCEMENT: The regular ‘first Sunday of the Month’ volunteering day won’t be taking place at Love Lane this Sunday (5th April 2015) due to outside engagements, but we’ll be there on Wednesdays as usual, and on Sunday 3rd May.

This week saw the welcome return of the Cowslips…

DSC02907…Now spreading up the slope on the East side of the site.  They’ve been ‘fenced off’ with canes and string, to avoid accidental mowing.

DSC02920Some of the Hazel is putting on a nice display of Catkins, which look beautiful shimmering in the wind.

DSC02915The first flush of blossom is appearing on the fruit trees (like this apple above).