Millennium Woods

Millennium Woods is one of PEN’s land-based projects, this thin strip of Council owned woodland was created around the turn of the millennium to off-set the building of the A30 bypass just outside Penzance. PEN is the leaseholder, and we have begun to manage the wood with the emphasis on public access.

Through path creation and upkeep, reducing invasive species such as bramble and thistle to enhance the site for increased wildlife diversity, and creating different habitat areas with mainly native species, the Millennium Wood project has the potential to be a great focal point for community woodland activities, within 10mins walk of Penzance.

We have winter workdays, and open days from time to time with demonstrations of green woodworking and bushcraft/survival skills, so please subscribe to updates or keep an eye on upcoming events. Volunteer days are to be confirmed, but may be the last Sunday of the month.


·      Awarded BTCV grant for £10,000 in 2004.

·      Woodland management day courses, covering suitability of trees for the site, choosing trees to be thinned, raising the crowns and wildlife value of different trees. In March 2012, Greg Humphries ran a one-day charcoal making workshop.

·      Visits by children from Alverton Primary School. One PEN volunteer to each group of ten children showed them different trees and flower species.

·      Catalogue of tree species and wildflowers started particularly in the form of photographs for the Britain in Bloom competition and for library exhibition spring/summer ’04.

·      Tree nursery built, including rabbit proof fencing and a gate.

·      Willow bog (a lavatory system using willow that flourish on absorbing the nutrients for human waste)

.      In January 2012, PEN organised a Horse and Craft Day, involving green woodwork demonstrations and coppicing. Over 40 people attended.

In February 2013, we had another Horse and Craft Day, involving horses to pull coppiced material through the woods. At least 20 people attended.

This project is now moving forward with a new 5-year working management plan, and work has begun to thin out many overcrowded trees. The co-ordinator is Adam Jacobs, who can be contacted by email:

The overall aim is to bring a selection of trees to greater maturity by thinning those around them, thereby opening the canopy for the development of ‘under-story’ flora. By introducing more light to the forest floor, the hazel will grow back straight and vigorously once cut, and we wish to establish a 7-year rotation coppice cycle for the hazel.

Volunteer days have been sporadic, and we hope to establish a regular workday on weekends through the winter. If you would like more information, please contact the co-ordinator at the address above.

Millennium Woods
Castle Horneck Rd, Penzance TR18 4LP

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