Spring arrives at Love Lane!

Everything’s slowly waking up down at Love Lane – it must be all the sunshine – a couple of daffodils are blooming, flecks of white blossom on some of the blackthorn and green buds everywhere you look.


Celandine (below) is another early arrival – considered an invasive species in North America, where is shades out even ivy…  this one looks like it’s getting a head start on some bramble:


Up in the woods, the badgers are clearly active and look like they’ve been working on a new extension to the sett.  Apparently there could be almost 1000 feet of tunnels down there. Any more and they’ll need planning permission.

dsc02816It’s a good time of year to look around the woods, before the new leaf obscures everything.  The woods are home to a few very old and most interesting trees, this one being about the oldest (and most interesting).