PEN is looking for volunteers to help create and manage wildlife sites in Penwith.

At two sites around Penzance: Millennium Woods and Love Lane Wildlife Garden there are opportunities to learn skills while having fun and learning about Penwith’s unique wildlife.  PEN is a small community group committed to increasing the areas of woodland and wildlife for all in the Penwith area.

PEN would like to encourage the local community to not only participate in the projects but also to make them their own. It is hoped that through active involvement in creating space for nature we can increase our understanding and appreciation of the natural world.  Current activities include planting trees and wildflowers, clearing scrub, creating paths, composting, photography, green wood working, in fact the scope is endless and we welcome people to come and help in anyway they feel inspired to.  Members of the group include people with young children.  Families are welcome to come and participate.

For information / contact details for the different sites or projects, click on the various link with the ‘Projects’ button above.

For more information about Love Lane email

For more information about Millennium Woods email